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About Daryl

Hello, Why is the first question I always get is. How long have you been taking pictures? Well 40 years, WOW. I like to photograph a lot of different things, I started with fashion and concerts then went into sports. But now I focus on Weddings, Fashion, Events, Portraits and Real Estate.

I started playing around with cameras at the age of 14,while at a family event one of my uncles laid his camera down I would go pick it up and play with it.To my surprise they didn't get mad but showed me how to hold the camera the right way and use the controls after that I was hooked. My second job in life was at a one hour photo lab, there I met other employees with great photography knowledge and they taught me a lot about photography, because of them I was given the chance to shoot Prince in concert, the Boston Celtics and The Ebony Fashion Fair. These guys where the best teachers I could ask for,from shooting to developing I learned it all in one place and no I did not go to school but I learned a lot from doing the right and wrong things. Please take the time to check out my work and I am open to all comments . Thank you Daryl

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